Career Promotional Video

This video serves as an introduction to my career at St. Cloud State University as a Mass Communications major with an emphasis in Journalism.

In the video, I discuss what student media organizations I have been involved with at SCSU, including UTVS and SCSU Athletics. Furthermore, I discuss my career aspirations, alongside what programs I have used so far.

The gear I used to create this video is a Panasonic AG-AC90 handheld camcorder stabilized with a Sachtler Tripod. To record the audio I used a Tascam DR-100 Recorder with a Sennhieser wired microphone. I obtained the background music from KillerTracks, a website that hosts copyright-free music. The song is called Fresh View by Barid Frankel. I edited the recording on Adobe Audition 2018 and I edited the video on Adobe Premiere Pro 2018.

While I’ve had some prior expierence with Premiere Pro before taking this class video, this project has helped me understand and improve some of my editing skills, in regards to adding graphics and transitions between videos. One thing looking back I would make sure that all of my videos are in focus before I record, as I noticed some of them were out of focus.

Attached is the screenshot of my timeline in Adobe Premiere Pro 2018.

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